Fairfax County Police department promoting crime data vendor

"Second Lieutenant Rex Pagerie, Fairfax County Police Department

Tracking Police-Related Events in Your Neighborhood

The Fairfax County Police Department Media Relations Bureau would like to remind our residents of our partnership with CrimeReports.com, a website devoted to increasing community awareness of police-related events occurring in our community. CrimeReports.com provides a convenient, web-based platform which allows us to continue our pledge of greater transparency and community engagement. We are confident you will find CrimeReports.com easy to use. Please take advantage of the opportunity to view police activity at your leisure, sign up for updates, and instantly send secure, anonymous tips to theFairfax County Crime Solvers network. We are sure that CrimeReports.com will provide you, our community, with a positive online experience and enhance community awareness and understanding of police activity in your neighborhood. Questions? Contact the Fairfax County Police Media Relations Bureau, at fcpdmedia"

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Urgent. Open crime data access turned off in Fairfax County

Dear Subscriber,

On April 6, Fairfax County turned off an open data access point for crime data. Historically, Fairfax County has been very open with sharing their crime information, but something has changed.

SpotCrime had been mapping from this open crime feed for 3 years. In total, we’ve been mapping crime at no cost to the county for 7 years.

For the last few months, we have been corresponding with the police department and we understand that they have been in contact with County Government about the issue.

We are still not sure why the system was turned off, and we are not sure why it can’t be turned back on. But the end result is that Fairfax County is now one of the least transparent counties in the area. This is sharp contrast to Arlington which just created an open data portal allowing anyone to access, collect, use, and share Arlington crime data.

Unfortunately, we do have experience with other police departments where the public feed never gets restored, therefore we find it imperative that the community (you) let the department know how much you value open and transparent crime data – and to restore an open data feed that the public and the press can utilize. With the rapidly declining price of computing, the long term costs of making this data available for everyone is near zero.

Chief of Police
Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr.

County Chairperson
Sharon Bulova

Please ask for the open crime data feed to be turned back on and ask for an open data approach similar to Arlington.

The goal here is to get the data open for everyone – not just a feed for SpotCrime.


Colin Drane

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Waller County TX stops sending the press crime data reducing public transparency. #opendatafail

Effective Immediately:

The Waller County Sheriff’s Office monthly crime stats will be posted on our Facebook page. After consultation with the Waller County District Attorney’s Office our Facebook page will display the date of offense, offense and Precinct ONLY.

The Offenses displayed will be specific to crimes against person and crimes against property. Attached to this email is a copy of Decembers crime stats. Thank you all.

Dana E Lewis
Communications Supervisor
Victims Liaison
Waller County Sheriff’s Office
701 Calvit
Hempstead, Texas 77445
979-826-7781– fax




December 2016 Crime Stats Public.xlsx

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Aurora Police Department blocks SpotCrime Account because of transparency questions.

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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Aurora Police Department Data Request

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Colin Drane <colin@spotcrime.com>
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Subject: Aurora Police Department Data Request
To: “Mark, Dan” <dmark@auroragov.org>
Cc: tim.dietz@9news.com, “Miller, Melissa” <memiller@auroragov.org>, “Markert, Molly” <mmarkert@auroragov.org>, “Cleland, Barbara” <bcleland@auroragov.org>
Lt. Mark,

I would like to point out that your existing public system puts restrictions on access. Could you clarify how a news organization like KUSA would use crimereports.com under their Terms Of Service.

I would like to reference an article from the Harvard Media Law Center on this matter:


Mr. Colin Drane
On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 4:57 PM, Mark, Dan <dmark@auroragov.org> wrote:
Ms. Drane:

APD uses the Versadex records management system. Access to the APD records management system would need to be coordinated through our City IT Department. My contact at Aurora Information Technology is Dave Lawless (303) 739-7313. Aurora Police crime data can be easily accessed by KUSA, or anyone else, by going to http://www.crimereports.com.

Lieutenant Dan Mark

Technology Section

Aurora Police Department

(303) 739-1710


From: Colin Drane [mailto:colin@spotcrime.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 2:29 PM
To: Mark, Dan
Cc: tim.dietz@9news.com; Miller, Melissa; Markert, Molly; Cleland, Barbara
Subject: Aurora Police Department Data Request

Lt. Mark,

Ms. Lambert just forwarded your email from earlier today.

Hi Brittany:

No I don’t have any questions. I did look at the web site and it is not something I am interested in at this time.


Lieutenant Dan Mark

Technology Section

I understand that you many not be personally interested in our mapping systems. However, we have made the request on behalf of KUSA. I have cc’d Tim Dietz (VP Interactive) on this email. We are not looking to become a vendor of the police department. We do not charge agencies for our services. As you are probably aware, public crime mapping systems can vary in cost from $20 k to $350 k.

We are requesting timely, unrestricted and fair access to Aurora’s crime data.

Would you mind letting us know what RMS system you are using and what the is the appropriate method to request data from the RMS database. We work with many agencies around the country an I am certain that there is an existing report that will qualify- with the intent of not creating any extra manpower for our request.

I have also forwarded a message to Council Members Cleland, Miller and Markert as an introduction.


Colin Drane




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Articles related to the Crimereports.com Lawsuit of SpotCrime Claiming Proprietary Control Over Public Crime Data











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Letter to ReportSee, Inc from Scott D. Kumpf Esquire Representing: Bair Analytics

Subject: FOIA and State Public Records Requests Concerning Bair Analytics, Inc.

Best line in the letter:

If either of you, either directly for yourself or for a client, is involved in these improper and potentially illegal requests, demand is made that immediately cease and desist such activity.

We assume this to mean that Bair Analytics provider of Raidsonline.com somehow believes that FOIA requests are "improper and potentially illegal".

How can you claim to be any friend of open data or the public when you are trying to prevent open access?


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